American experts support injecting booster doses of vaccine

American experts support injecting booster doses of vaccine 6

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) made the above statement following some evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are less effective in people with weakened immune systems, increasing the risk of infection and severe illness.

According to the CDC, about 2.7% of adults in this country are immunocompromised.

According to doctors, kidney transplant recipients often have to take strong immunosuppressive drugs.

France and Israel have allowed immunocompromised people to get booster doses of the vaccine.

Currently, ACIP has not recommended additional vaccination for specific community groups because of some obstacles in emergency approval regulations.

ACIP member Grace Lee, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Stanford University, said the panel has enough data to recommend additional doses as soon as the vaccine is fully approved.

Medical staff prepare a dose of Pfizer vaccine in Miami, USA, May 2021.

`This community group wants to be vaccinated. They are not hesitant about the vaccine and we should promote that,` said Dr. Pablo Sanchez, Ohio University pediatrician.

Booster doses of Covid-19 vaccines have become a controversial topic since experts discovered that some people still get sick despite being vaccinated.

Typically, different pathogens affect the immune system in unique ways.

Vaccines simulate the natural process of infection.

Besides, viruses are constantly changing, users sometimes need additional booster doses to create a new layer of defense.

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