Biden’s speech ‘patted’ Trump

Biden's speech 'patted' Trump 4

For more than 6 weeks since election day on November 3, President-elect Joe Biden has continued to prepare for taking over the White House in January, while ignoring accusations of election fraud as well as his attitude.

A few hours after the Electoral College confirmed Biden won 306 votes and officially became President-elect, he gave a speech declaring victory.

`In the fight for the soul of America, democracy has prevailed,` Biden said.

Biden noted that he won with the same number of electoral votes that Trump won in 2016. `At that time, President Trump called his electoral votes a landslide victory. According to the standard

Joe Biden delivered his victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on December 14.

Not only did he `point the finger` at the current President directly, Biden also indirectly attacked Trump by saying that `the fire of democracy has been lit in this country for a long time. And we know that

In his victory speech, Biden did not forget to mention the series of failed lawsuits by the Trump campaign since election day and the Supreme Court’s rejection of his lawsuit last week to overturn his opponent’s victory.

`In America, when questions about the legitimacy of elections are raised, they are resolved through the legal process. And that’s exactly what happened here,` Biden said.

John Bennett, Independent’s Washington bureau chief, said Biden’s use of the past tense in his statements appeared to be an attempt to say the election was closed.

Later, Biden continued to affirm that `respecting the will of the people is the heart of our democracy`.

Although a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives last week supported Trump’s Supreme Court lawsuit, Biden still `extended the olive branch` to them, saying `I believe we can work together to bring

Joe Biden did not forget to thank Republicans in the Senate for acknowledging his victory over Trump.

Biden closed his speech noting that the joy of his victory included `the pain that so many of us feel today. Our nation has surpassed 300,000 deaths from Covid-

While Biden wants to bring America to a new page after the election, President Trump continues to accuse him of the election being stolen.

But Miller’s statement seems to be a hopeless effort, because US law does not recognize the legitimacy of `alternate electors` and Biden was in fact recognized as the winner by valid electors.

In his remarks, Biden emphasized that Trump `has not been denied any action to challenge the election results that he wants.`

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