‘Cong Phuong is only suitable for V-League’

'Cong Phuong is only suitable for V-League' 7

Commenting on Cong Phuong’s performance after the first two matches in the Ho Chi Minh City shirt, readers of Reality still appreciate this player’s talent when playing in a suitable environment like the V-League:`

`Don’t discuss much about Phuong’s expertise because everyone can see it clearly. I pay attention to this player’s smiles. Being able to play in a comfortable position makes Phuong confident and play according to his own skills. More importantly

Also regretting the Nghe striker’s wasted time abroad, reader Mai Luong Son said that the mistake came from the manager’s decision: `Cong Phuong’s good performance in the last two matches is a very good sign.`

Sharing the same opinion as above, reader MK Se7en added: `How can you not be disappointed if you go to an environment that is too much for you, completely decided by the boss? The lower environments are Japan and Korea.

Explaining Cong Phuong’s failure in Europe, reader Anh Quang analyzed: `The top European leagues are where football is at the highest level. Even the players of the youth teams reach the semi-finals.`

Meanwhile, reader Song Tra has a connection to another Vietnamese football talent who is also struggling to find a starting position in Europe, Van Hau: `This is an example for Van Hau. Many people think

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