The ceremony could spread Covid-19 in the White House

The ceremony could spread Covid-19 in the White House 3

President Trump and first lady Melania on September 26 welcomed 150 guests at the nomination ceremony for judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated to the US Supreme Court to replace the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away.

Several Republican senators attended the ceremony, including Utah’s Mike Lee, who hugged, kissed and came into close contact with guests.

Those attending the ceremony believe that nCoV is not present at the White House, according to Mr. Jenkins.

US President Donald Trump and judge Amy Coney Barrett, along with guests at the ceremony in the Rose Garden, White House, Washington, DC, on September 26.

Cabinet members, senators, members of Ms. Barrett’s family and others did not wear masks when attending the indoor reception, packed with people in the White House’s Diplomatic Room and Cabinet Room.

Trump on October 2, 5 days after the ceremony, announced that he and first lady Melania had tested positive for the virus.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who has recently had a lot of contact with the President, including at an indoor fundraiser last week, also tested positive.

Trump was hospitalized in Maryland on October 2 for treatment, 17 hours after announcing he was positive for nCoV.

White House officials began tracing to determine the source of the infection, but it is still not possible to confirm whether the event at the Rose Garden last week was the source of the spread of the epidemic.

In an interview for the book `Rage` by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, released earlier this month, Trump acknowledged the dangers of Covid-19 back in February, even as he publicly

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to begin a four-day hearing on the nomination of Ms. Barrett, 48, on October 12, paving the way for the Senate to approve the nomination before the November 3 election.

The US Supreme Court has 9 judges who are appointed for life, meaning they are only replaced upon death or proactive retirement.

The US Senate will then vote on ratification.

The ceremony could spread Covid-19 in the White House

People who have been in close contact with Trump in the past 7 days.

Mai Lam (According to Washington Post)

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