The farm of Mr. Peter – Ms. Thuy’s family

The farm of Mr. Peter - Ms. Thuy's family 1

These past few days, Ms. Thuy Ferris has been eagerly waiting for her parents from Vietnam to visit her and her husband’s farm in Queensland (Australia).

Vietnamese wife and Australian husband lived without electricity and water for a year to work on the farm

Ms. Thuy’s parents have been to Australia many times, but this was the first time they visited their daughter’s 30-hectare farm.

But if they had visited this land nearly 2 years ago, surely, Ms. Thuy’s parents would have felt worried about their daughter’s future.

Since 2002, Ms. Thuy has worked in marketing at many famous companies.

The farm of Mr. Peter - Ms. Thuy's family

The main house is located in the middle of the forest, this is only one-third of the land area of Ms. Thuy’s house.

Having held many important positions and making a lot of money, Peter still prefers life in the countryside.

She was mentally prepared, but when her husband drove to the plot of land, Ms. Thuy was stunned and didn’t know what to say except: `Oh my God.`

The previous owner abandoned the land for 30 years, with no gate, fence, or entrance.

Despite the desolate landscape, after 4 hours of surveying, Peter still decided to buy this piece of land because it is close to the highway, has charming scenery, and is close to a national park.

The farm of Mr. Peter - Ms. Thuy's family

The couple gave up high-paying city life to find a simple country life.

The couple repaired the temporary house to make it easier to renovate the farm, even though this place was only 10 minutes by car from the husband’s parents’ house.

To build a farm, the family spent all their wealth accumulated over many years on landscaping, gardening, building a house, vegetable garden, irrigation system… The two of them designed it themselves and hired workers by the hour to save money.

The farm of Mr. Peter - Ms. Thuy's family

Now, in the new house, every morning, the couple can watch the sunrise and listen to the birds singing.

In just 2 years, the Vietnamese girl’s life changed completely, from living in the city, having a private driver, and having a maid to a deserted countryside, doing all sorts of manual jobs.

There were also times when the couple argued about repairing the house or working too hard, so Ms. Thuy felt sorry for herself and depressed.

`I like the freshness here. I have learned to love every branch, every blade of grass, and every drop of water. That’s something I haven’t felt in decades. Every morning when I wake up, I’m happy to open the door.`

Peter also enjoys life like he did in childhood. He often tells his wife that he is living beautiful days in paradise.

On the campus, there are many quite special animals, mainly rescued from places that intend to kill them or no longer want to keep them.

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