He wants nothing more than to say ‘I love you’

He wants nothing more than to say 'I love you' 2

1. Concentration of attention

According to marriage counselor, psychologist Dr. Mike Dow, the male brain interprets your attention on the iPhone during dinner as ‘I’m not important’, because the male brain only focuses on doing one thing.

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2. Understand the foods he likes

According to Dr. Dow, the adage `the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach` is completely true.

3. Wear the clothes he likes

Wearing nice clothes is sending him the message that you still want to look beautiful in his eyes, even though you two may have been together for a long time.

4. Take care of yourself

Relieving stress, eating right, exercising, quitting smoking, and even pampering yourself are both how you take care of yourself and how you let him know you love him.

5. Compliment him

For a long time, men have had to fight and earn a living to attract and keep their women.

6. Encourage him to take time for himself

Unlike women, men are always hesitant to say what they want.

7. Ask him for his opinion

He wants to be an important part of your world, and most of all, someone who helps you solve all your problems.

8. Thank him for the little things

Show gratitude even when he helps you take your kids to school or take out the trash.

9. Hug for a long time

Give him a long hug instead of a quick kiss before you head out the door.

10. Fall in love quickly

A long sex session is impressive, but it shouldn’t happen often.

11. Let him vent

Create a safe place for him to vent about the things that tire him.

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