Huawei hopes Meng Wanzhou will be free in 2021

Huawei hopes Meng Wanzhou will be free in 2021 5

`When Ms. Meng was arrested, instead of letting the court resolve the matter, President Donald Trump announced it to the media, even declaring that he was willing to exchange her if it would benefit him in trade negotiations with China.

According to Mr. Velshi, President Trump considers Ms. Meng a `pawn, a hostage` in the trade war with China, which is inconsistent with Canadian law, which is considering the possibility of extraditing her to the US under

When asked how Joe Biden’s incoming administration might affect the arrest and extradition of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, Velshi said that this is something `no one knows in advance`.

`No one really knows what direction President-elect Biden will take with the US-China relationship, the US-Canada relationship, as well as the relationship with Huawei. But what we know is that if we watch

Mr. Velshi added that a president who `understands common sense`, when considering this incident as well as looking at President Trump’s intervention, `it is very difficult for him to defend the actions of his predecessor`.

Ms. Manh Van Chu (left) left home to go to court in Vancouver, Canada in January 2020.

Huawei Technologies Canada’s vice president of external affairs also said that what they are focused on is pursuing the legal battle to prevent Meng Wanzhou from being extradited to the US, not diplomatic relationships with governments.

`We are a telecommunications company, we stay out of politics. We don’t get involved in American politics. What we want is open trade, we want to be able to sell good products. We

However, Huawei’s immediate focus is still on supporting Ms. Manh Van Chu’s legal battle.

Ms. Manh, 48 years old, daughter of billionaire Nham Chinh Phi, founder of Huawei group, was arrested by Canada while in transit at Vancouver International Airport in December 2018 at the request of the US.

However, Mr. Velshi said they have not considered the possibility of Ms. Manh being extradited because the case is in its early stages, and said that Ms. Manh could be released in the next 6 months if the earliest rulings are approved.

`But if the court rules are unfavorable, some experts say Canada’s legal process could take up to five years or longer,` Mr. Velshi said.

Huawei’s legal team continues to focus on evidence that Canadian police and border guards violated Meng Wanzhou’s rights by interrogating her and searching her devices for three hours at the airport without a warrant.

`We hope Ms. Meng Wanzhou will win and she can return to China in 2021. But if for some reason the verdict is against Ms. Meng, we will begin the appeal process

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