Donald Trump was criticized for mocking the families of soldiers who died in battle

Donald Trump was criticized for mocking the families of soldiers who died in battle 0

US Republican presidential candidate, billionaire Donald Trump.

Mr. Khizr Khan spoke last week at the Democratic National Convention, accusing billionaire Trump of not respecting minorities, women, judges, and even some Republican leaders.

The Republican representative candidate responded by asking why Mrs. Ghazala Khan just stood silently next to her husband without saying anything and then he answered himself that the reason was probably because `she didn’t

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump has long been famous for his `stormy` statements.

Observers assess that all of the above incidents are shocking but do not create major and lasting impacts on voters.

According to political strategists from both parties, the above controversy will be a strong blow to the reputation and election campaign the American billionaire is pursuing.

But in the incident with Mr. and Mrs. Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of soldier Humayun Khan, Trump did not challenge the political elite or social standards but rather directed his nose at the heartbroken parents.

`No one cares if Trump attacks other politicians. In fact, they like it,` said Republican pollster Frank Luntz.

David Axelrod, a strategist who advised US President Barack Obama, also agreed.

`People appreciate it when Trump attacks high-ranking members of society, but they will balk if he doesn’t treat the weak or those who deserve respect well,` commented Axelrod.

Donald Trump was criticized for mocking the families of soldiers who died in battle

Mr. and Mrs. Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of soldier Humayun Khan, who died on the battlefield in Iraq in 2004, spoke last week at the Democratic national convention.

Many veteran politicians believe that Trump should not make such taunts about a hero’s mother, according to BBC.

According to some reports, the incident at least affects Mr. Trump’s election campaign at this time.

The above difference is said to stem partly from the back and forth between Mr. Trump and the Khan family.

Writer Philip Rucker from the Washington Post commented that poll results show that personality and temperament are Donald Trump’s two biggest weaknesses.

On the other hand, the controversy between Mr. Trump and the Khan family is also a good opportunity for Democrats to launch attacks against the American billionaire.

`I cannot understand why he (Donald Trump) could utter such words to the mother of a Gold Star medal recipient,` said former US President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband.

According to Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter, a former adviser to President Obama, the comments Mr. Trump made about the Khan family created a cognitive turning point for voters because it violated their expectations.

`They worry about what kind of example Mr. Trump will set for their children,` Cutter said.

Arizona Senator John McCain, a veteran who last year was snubbed by the American billionaire, saying that McCain did not deserve to be considered a hero because he had been captured during the Vietnam War, yesterday declared `

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