Four reasons why I jumped ship as soon as I joined the company

Four reasons why I jumped ship as soon as I joined the company 22

1. Unsuitable environment

The majority of employees who change jobs, quit their jobs… are good people who really learn and do real work.

Those who stay, with average academic performance, often stay with the company for a long time because they don’t have many options.

People with good, good, and excellent academic performance will have a higher rate of job hopping.

In fact, the majority of excellent employees often choose to return to the environment where they feel safe, which is school, and become lecturers, professors or researchers in public environments instead of the public environment.

Businesses tend to want employees to be content with their current job position instead of doing too much work that their company cannot provide to individuals.

In fact, most candidates who get bored with their jobs the fastest are the candidates with high IQ.

In contrast, the high-effort group also pointed out four key groups of factors leading to the unfortunate loss group’s decision to go or stay, including: income, career plan, employer brand and balance.

Regarding employer brand, 70% of employees intending to leave negatively evaluate this issue at their current company.

Another disappointment comes from the management system.

Employees who are imbalanced often fall into a state of physical exhaustion, leading to mental fatigue and negativity.

But the bonus and income were not worth the effort, so I also jumped job.

>> ‘Boss has a mindset of gratitude, don’t blame employees for job-hopping’

2. Work does not meet expectations

Most candidates, when going to work, will think that they will work like they were trained in school, a training environment, and do the right job.

3. Impact from former employees

Although I worked hard, stood out, and was trusted a lot, under the scrutiny and jealousy of former employees, I was somewhat confused.

The climax was when a long-time, reputable person in the team told me that `a new graduate asking for nine million is too high`, while I was waiting for an unknown salary increase to eight million.

Later, when I moved to a new British company, I was also intentionally humiliated by a former employee there even though I had never sat down to talk or eat with him.

4. Inadequate income

The majority of highly qualified employees are often sought after by employers and offered very high prices and attractive salaries.

>> Opinions do not necessarily coincide with’s views.

Low salary is the reason why ‘new graduates change jobs a lot’?

If you want a high salary, don’t be afraid to change jobs

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