Why did Tottenham reject Real’s offer for Gareth Bale?

Why did Tottenham reject Real's offer for Gareth Bale? 2

The first offer worth 81 million pounds (93.8 million euros) that Real Madrid sent to White Hart Lane on July 27 was thrown into the trash by Tottenham.

Even teams that are famous for being strong and bold because of money like Man Utd, Milan or Juventus in the past could not resist the huge temptation of money that Real offered in exchange for Ronaldo (80 million pounds), Kaka (56 million pounds).

Tottenham needs Bale’s talent and contribution more than the mountain of money he would earn if he sold him.

Tottenham is taking the opportunity of Real’s desire for Bale to push the price up to 100 million pounds – as an idle statement by chairman Levy, or is there another purpose?

Under Villas-Boas, Tottenham played very successfully in the Premier League last season and only lost their place in the Champions League in the final rounds.

The Daily Star (UK) newspaper believes that Villas-Boas will continue to use the 4-2-3-1 scheme that he successfully applied last season for Tottenham.

To fill the gap left by Bale on the left wing, Tottenham spent 7 million pounds to sign emerging Belgian winger Nacer Chadli from Dutch club Twente.

Meanwhile, to upgrade the quality of the defense system, which has not been so bad since last season, Tottenham spent 17 million pounds to buy Paulinho – a Brazilian international considered a `new Dunga`.

However, the above plan will go bankrupt and the presence of Chadli, Paulinho or Soldado will all be useless without Bale.

The Mirror also shares this opinion and connects Tottenham’s decision to retain Bale with the case of Man Utd selling Ronaldo to Real in 2009 for comparison.

`Man Utd accepted to let Ronaldo leave because they have won the Champions League, own countless Premier League titles and are attractive enough to attract other world-class stars to replace them. Tottenham is not there yet.

Why did Tottenham reject Real's offer for Gareth Bale?

The presence of brand new recruits like Soldado will be useless if Tottenham cannot keep Bale.

Real, in the second offer sent to White Hart Lane, offered to pay a large part in cash and add Angel Di Maria in exchange for Bale.

Even if he agreed to come to Tottenham as part of the contract to buy Bale, the Argentine star, despite his talent, would not necessarily be suitable for the new environment, which is notoriously harsh.

Last summer, when agreeing to sell Luka Modric to Real, Tottenham saw in Bale a worthy replacement for the leading position, a new symbol of the club’s rising aspirations.

`If Tottenham sells Bale, it can only happen next summer. Simply because he still has a big mission at Tottenham,` Daily Star emphasized in its commentary.

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