Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019 2



11:59 p.m

Announcement of Miss Continental titles

The Nigerian beauty won the Miss World Africa title.

Miss 5 continents

11:58 p.m

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Toni-Ann Singh, 23 years old, is currently a psychology student in the US, wanting to become a psychiatrist after graduation.

VnE – Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Miss Jamaica’s Miss World 2019 coronation moment.

11:42 p.m

Nepali contestant wins the title of `Beauty of Compassion`

Anushka Shrestha won the Beauty for A Purpose award for her campaign to help poor children in her hometown.

VnE – Miss Humanity

Announcing the title of `Humanity Beauty` Miss World 2019. Video: MW.

11:40 p.m

Jamaican contestant sings Whitney Houston

Toni-An Singh – winner of the Miss Talent award – performed the song I have nothing by the late singer Whitney Houston.

11:20 p.m

Announcing the Top 5 Miss World 2019 including contestants from Nigeria, Brazil, India, Jamaica, and France.

Judge – journalist Piers Morgan interviewed the top 5 girls in turn.

VnE – Top 5 behaviors

The top 5 contestants took the oral exam with judge Piers Morgan.

VnE – Announcing the top 5

Announcing the Top 5 Miss World 2019. Video: MW.

11:15 p.m

Top 12 danced with the band Misunderstood

After announcing the top 12, the two-member boy band Misunderstood performed the song Girls in London, accompanied by the appearance of the contestants.

10:47 p.m

Luong Thuy Linh entered the Top 12

Having a short exchange with the MC, Thuy Linh emotionally said she wanted to do great things for herself and inspire everyone.

VnE – Announcing the top 12

Luong Thuy Linh choked up when entering the Top 12 Miss World 2019. Photo: AFP.

In addition to representing Vietnam, the 11 girls in the Top include contestants from Keyna, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Philippines, Jamaica, France, Russia and Cook Islands. Miss Kenya shared her desire to improve the competition.

10:45 p.m

Singer Lulu performs

Before announcing the top 12, the veteran British voice stirred up the stage with the Christmas-themed rock song Run Rudolph Run by singer Chuck Berry.

10:35 p.m

Luong Thuy Linh performed evening gown with Top 40

The beauties walked the catwalk in pairs with vibrant music playing in the background.

VnE Top 40

Top 40 contestants performing in evening gowns.

Evening outfit by Luong Thuy Linh.

10:25 p.m

Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce sent greetings before the crowning ceremony

The current Miss World said her one-year journey to holding the crown has changed her.

Miss World Vanessa Ponce, Mexican.

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