The prodigy was forced to drop out of school because someone had to feed him to eat

The prodigy was forced to drop out of school because someone had to feed him to eat 3

Wei Yongkang (born in 1983, in Hunan province) was considered a prodigy from the age of 2 when he memorized 1,000 Chinese characters.

In the early 90s, Wei Yongkang was considered a `legend` in Chinese education.

Since her child was called a `prodigy`, Ms. Tang Hoc Mai, Vinh Khang’s mother, was an ordinary worker who quit her job just to take care of her child, financially depending on her husband.

Wei Yongkang.

At this time, even though Vinh Khang has grown up, his mother still feeds him and takes care of his bathing.

`When my son was hungry, I brought rice to his room. When he was thirsty, I brought water to his mouth. Even one day when he had to urinate, I brought a potty to him. For me at that time, Vinh Khang was all I needed.

Living with his mother, Vinh Khang was not allowed to go out but always had to stay home to study.

Even when her son went to college, Mrs. Tang also followed to serve her son.

For many years, having had her mother serve her, but now having to do everything herself, Vinh Khang cannot adapt.

In August 2003, Wei Yongkang was dismissed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for not being able to adapt to studying as a graduate student.

The prodigy was forced to drop out of school because someone had to feed him to eat

Mrs. Tang made her child unable to be independent.

Upon receiving news from the school, Ms. Tang immediately went to find Vinh Khang.

After being expelled from school, Vinh Khang did not dare to go home but wandered around 16 provinces and cities, when he only had 500 yuan left.

Some time later, Vinh Khang also tried to find a job but failed.

Currently Vinh Khang is working at a software development company.

Now talking about her son, Ms. Tang said she realized she was wrong.

This woman added that after being suspended from school by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, when he returned home, his mother taught him how to do the simplest things, starting from eating and bathing himself.

`From then until now, I’ve been very afraid to appear in public places. Because they will ask how Vinh Khang is doing these days, I don’t know how to answer,` the mother shared.

After Vinh Khang left Hunan to work in the big city, Mrs. Tang repeatedly refused to live with her son with the reason `Let him be free`.

In 2010, when Vinh Khang got married and gave birth to a child, the day she visited her grandchild in the hospital, the mother held her daughter-in-law’s hand and confided: `Let my grandchild have a happy childhood. Don’t be like his father.`

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