Milk flowers become a nightmare

Milk flowers become a nightmare 2

September-October is the time when milk flowers bloom the most.

Passersby occasionally smell a little milk flower scent and feel excited, while the people living with it are miserable.

Milk flowers have hairs and easily spread in the air.

Nguyen Chi Thanh street (Dong Da, Hanoi) is about 1.7 km long, a few meters away there is a milk flower tree, the whole street has about a hundred trees.

Ms. Lien’s drink shop is next to universities and is quite crowded at night.

The days after it rains are when the milk flowers are at their strongest.

Milk flowers become a nightmare

Nguyen Chi Thanh Street has hundreds of milk flower trees.

Unable to stand the scent of milk flowers, some people forced the tree to die prematurely, pouring lubricants and chemicals into the tree.

Previously, in Tra Vinh, there was a `milk flower lawsuit` because this flower was grown too much, affecting people’s lives, polluting the environment, and negatively impacting living space, especially people.

In Da Nang City, at the end of 2011, the government had to cut down more than 1,000 milk flower trees on Nguyen Van Linh street.

According to physician Vu Quoc Trung (member of the Vietnam Oriental Medicine Association), milk flowers have many harmful effects on health.

The flowers and fruits of the tree have many hairs, which can spread in the air, easily causing allergies, sinusitis and respiratory diseases.

Herbalist Trung also expressed that if there is a milk flower tree in a small neighborhood, it will be pleasant, but planting many trees can easily be counterproductive.

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