Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019 1

Jamaican beauty – Toni-Ann Singh – does not have an outstanding appearance among the contestants but impresses with her confidence and singing talent.

VnE – Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

In the interview with the Top 5 judges – journalist Piers Morgan, she said she is passionate about activities to support women.

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Jamaican beauty – Toni-Ann Singh – crowned Miss World 2019 Photo: AFP.

Ophély Mézino – 20 years old – representative of France – won 1st runner-up. She is 1.73 m tall, currently a student majoring in Chemistry.

Suman Rao, 20 years old, from India, won 2nd runner-up. She is 1.77 m tall and is currently a student and fashion model.

Continent winners include: India (Asia), France (Europe), Brazil (Americas), Nigeria (Africa), Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean).

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

The new Miss World 2019 (middle, standing row) next to the beautiful Miss Continent winners.

Vietnam’s representative – Miss Luong Thuy Linh – had a good performance but stopped in the top 12. She introduced the tray dance in the opening act – Dances of the World – with 110 other contestants.

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

Luong Thuy Linh choked up when she entered the Top 12 Miss World 2019. Photo: AFP.

On beauty forums, audiences commented that the quality of this year’s show has decreased.

The stage is not spectacular, there is a lot of downtime between shows.

This year’s program includes many musical performances by guests, with few performances by contestants.

The main judge – journalist Piers Morgan – was praised by the audience for his top 5 interview. He created a comfortable atmosphere, helping the contestants regain confidence with jokes if they lost their temper.

The Miss World final takes place at the approximately 400 square meter ExCeL Convention center in London.

Jamaican beauty crowned Miss World 2019

VnE – Top 5 behaviors

The behavior of the top 5. Video: MW.

Miss World is one of the two most prestigious beauty contests in the world, besides Miss Universe.

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