Marriage without sex

Marriage without sex 0

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Married for 10 years, the number of days of passionate love between Ms. Nhung (Ung Hoa, Hanoi) can only be counted on the fingers of one hand.

When it comes to sex, he is rough, doesn’t have foreplay, just focuses on satisfaction.

These insults made her close herself even more.

And for the past 5 years, she and her husband no longer have `that thing`.

Too shocked to discover her husband was having an affair. For the past 3 years, Ms. Ha has not been able to `love` anymore.

`We still eat on the same tray, lie in the same bed, but don’t have any physical contact. I don’t feel uncomfortable about that either. As for him, whether he continues a relationship with anyone else, I also don’t care.

Also falling into the cold situation, but the reason for Mr. Thanh’s family, an information technology engineer, is completely different.

As a poor boy from Nghe An who went to the city to study and work, when he became successful, Mr. Thanh always wanted to help his younger siblings and take care of his parents in the countryside, but his wife often criticized her husband for that.

`I don’t want to divorce because I love my children, but I really can’t have any emotions when I’m with my wife, so I can’t cuddle or be close to her,` Mr. Thanh explained.

`All men have desires, but to be honest, my wife and I haven’t had any contact for a whole year. She also blamed me with all sorts of bitter words. And I don’t want to explain anything,` Mr. Thanh confided.

Master of Psychology Nguyen Thi Tam, Director of the center for training and scientific application of Vietnamese Soul Psychology (Hoa Su – Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) said that problems in sexual relations often stem from the

`Women like the feeling of being cuddled even more than the actual involvement, because it makes them feel cherished, loved and valuable. Many people confided that they used to secretly cry in anger.

Ms. Tam believes that the lack of sex in marriage is also due to the couple’s perception of sexual roles.

They suffer in anger and resentment, but do not dare to speak out for fear of having their dignity judged.

As for men, many people have symptoms of male diseases, but do not dare to go to the doctor, or are afraid to face them.

`Sex is a part of life, half of life, bringing happiness and marital harmony. Therefore, whenever you have health or sexual problems, you should seek help from a specialist.

Sex is a difficult and delicate thing to talk about, but we cannot help but share it and find ways to improve it because that is the way to take care of our happiness.

According to Ms. Tam, in married life, every woman or man has sexual needs.

`Marriage without sex is like a time bomb. It is an abnormal marriage, in which the people involved have to suffer and be hurt, reducing the quality of life and the ability to enjoy happiness,` psychologist

Vuong Linh

* The names of some characters in the article have been changed

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