Special edition Justice League superheroes on FPT Play

Special edition Justice League superheroes on FPT Play 1

DC’s Justice League superheroes often have god-like powers.

Prince Water Qi Aquaman

Although he plays an important role in DC Comics films, it was not until Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was released that Aquaman appeared first played by a real person.

Jason Momoa first incarnates Aquaman in Batman vs.

Justice League special edition will air on the FPT Play app on March 18.

Batman Batman

In the special version directed by Zack Snyder (Snyder’s Cut), Batman is not given additional superpowers, but in return, he will possess powerful vehicles and an arsenal of weapons, enough to fight directly with enemies.

In particular, the heavily armored tank that appeared in The Dark Knight Returns promises to become an effective assistant to help Batman repel the Demon Army of Parademon.

In addition, another scene in the trailer shows Batman unfazed by alien invaders.

Cyborg `unlucky`

The character Cyborg played by Ray Fisher is considered the `dirtiest` character in Justice League because he has suffered the most rewritten fate in the DC universe.

The upcoming Justice League version will be an opportunity for the audience to see the character Cyborg through the story of his origin and the price Victor Stone had to pay to become a superhero.

The Flash

In 2017, Iris (played by Clemons) was introduced in the `sick` scene, but in Snyder’s cut, this character was saved by Barry from a car accident.

Through previous stories about Iris and Barry, Snyder’s cut will reset the way this couple is exploited.

Superman can be resurrected

The black suit Zack Snyder puts on Superman in Justice League 2021 is named Regeneration Suit, related to the year-long Death of Superman event in DC Comics.

Compared to the comic version, Superman’s suit in the upcoming Justice League movie has an additional cape and silver-colored S-Shield.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s presence has been a symbol of justice and equality for nearly a century.

She treats Flash and Batman well.

In the previous version, Diana tried to stay away from everyone and did not mention what happened to her or Steve.

Update rate

The movie `Justice League` directed by Zack Snyder aired on the FPT Play application on March 18.

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