‘The Bride of War 2’ understands men and understands women

'The Bride of War 2' understands men and understands women 3

In the 2011 Tet season, Director Victor Vu’s Bride of War and a cast of beauties like Dinh Ngoc Diep, Ngan Khanh, Le Khanh, Van Trang, and Phi Thanh Van became the most popular work with nearly 40 billion VND in revenue.

Movie trailer `The Bride of War 2`

Bride of War 2 continues the story of the first part and only retains two old characters, Chef Quyen (Le Khanh) and Doctor Mai Chau (Van Trang).

The four `brides` of `The Bride of War 2` – Chef Quyen (Le Khanh), doctor Mai Chau (Van Trang), teacher Thu Huyen (Maya) and technology monster Quynh Vy (Yu Duong).

If the first part was more about romance and comedy, then Bride of War 2 is like a `mixed pot` with a mixture of a little action, a little psychology, a little horror, a little fantasy and even music.

The story of The Bride of War 2 hits the right psychology of both sexes when exploiting the sublime tricks of seducing women in men and the feelings of women when they want to find a perfect, loyal man in this era.

'The Bride of War 2' understands men and understands women

Director Victor Vu (middle) with `Mr. Perfect` Binh Minh and `skeptical lady` Lan Phuong.

Bride of War 2 has two twists in the second half of the movie and turns the story in unexpected directions.

Although overall, Bride of War 2 is a pretty, easy-to-watch movie, but if we go into details, many viewers will find that the second part is less charming than the first.

Similar to Le Khanh, Van Trang as doctor Mai Chau does not have much left to exploit in this part.

In The Bride of War 2, Binh Minh has the most acting space.

'The Bride of War 2' understands men and understands women

Funny hot scene of Binh Minh and Le Khanh in the movie.

Leaving the most impression in Bride of War 2 is Maya.

After the success in both revenue and awards of Scandal – Red Carpet Secret, Bride of War 2 is like a gentle outing for Victor Vu before returning to his forte genre – retro thriller.

Bride of War 2 opens nationwide on January 17.

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