The girl goes trekking to relieve life’s pressures

The girl goes trekking to relieve life's pressures 2

Three years ago, Bui Thi Huong, born in 1995, from Nghe An, graduated from university and went to work with many surprises.

Huong remembers the first time she went trekking, she had no experience, she just asked the group leader how to prepare and did the same.

Huong said she often follows climbing groups, and if there is a suitable trip, she will sign up to join.

The 26-year-old girl commented that in the South there are not as many trekking routes as in the North due to terrain conditions.

Among the above destinations, her favorite was the 2-day, 1-night self-guided trip to Hang En waterfall, at the source of the Con River, in K’bang district, Gia Lai.

From Saigon, Huong and her friend took a sleeper bus to Binh Dinh and then transferred to Village 1, An Toan commune, An Lao district to start the journey.

The girl goes trekking to relieve life's pressures

Huong and her friends conquered Hang En waterfall in November 2019.

`At that time, Hang En waterfall had a lot of water, was majestic and very beautiful, the water was extremely clear. What I was most afraid of was not that the path was difficult, but that the forest had a lot of snakes, they often bit and refused to let go.

According to Huong, what she finds difficult when trekking is physical strength.

The girl goes trekking to relieve life's pressures

From strangers, meeting for the first time, Huong (wearing red hat in the middle) gradually has more friends with the same passions and interests after each trip.

`Before learning about trekking, my life was quite boring and closed, but after returning home, I was much more sociable, happy and stronger,` Huong said, the time she went trekking with her was not fixed.

Currently, Huong is an office worker working in Dong Nai. Whenever she has free time, she misses the mountains and forests and doesn’t have much time to go far. She often goes climbing Ba Den Mountain or Chua Chan Mountain with her friends.

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