The illusion of getting rich quickly thanks to stocks

The illusion of getting rich quickly thanks to stocks 11

Around the story `Investors racing to open stock accounts`, many VnExpress readers pointed out the risks when many people rush into stocks following crowd psychology for immediate profit:

Stock market, who doesn’t love it after hearing it?

Stocks are a lucrative but also risky market.

In 14 years of working in the securities industry, witnessing thousands of investors and hundreds of thousands of buy and sell orders, I see that only those who can hold stocks for a long time, measured in years, win.

>> ‘It’s very risky to fish for the bottom of stocks right now’

At this time, everyone, every family is interested in stocks, even the girl selling vegetables at the market or the janitor in the company also asks how to invest.

Playing stocks requires knowledge and time, one session in the morning, one session in the early afternoon.

Playing the stock market, one person wins, nine people lose.

Right at my company, 90% of my colleagues started playing stocks, some big players, some small players, but all of them didn’t study or have any knowledge about this field.

Coming to the company in the last few days of the year, not many people in the office focused on working, but just gathered around to discuss buying this and selling that.

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Should I invest in real estate, stocks or savings?

‘This is the time to invest money in long-term stocks’

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