The Japanese art of ‘drawing out the wallet’ of luxury guests

The Japanese art of 'drawing out the wallet' of luxury guests 1

The number of international visitors to Japan reached 28 million in 2017. However, the average spending per tourist decreased to 154,000 yen (more than 32.2 million VND) last year.

Japan is always an attractive shopping destination for Chinese tourists.

Nowadays, visitors to Japan are no longer too interested in shopping, filling their suitcases with goods or souvenirs.

Classes on traditional crafts, art or cooking still attract a steady number of customers.

On the island of Hokkaido, the company Nippon Travel Agency began organizing unique experiences that many foreigners might miss when visiting Japan, such as dining at a tabearuki (walking and eating) restaurant in an alley

The Japanese art of 'drawing out the wallet' of luxury guests

For 5,000 yen (about one million VND), visitors can spend a night eating and drinking from restaurant to restaurant with locals.

However, travel companies do not have enough time and personnel to schedule tours according to each customer’s wishes.

The Wow Japan Experience+ site provides services divided into 5 main categories: nature, farm to table, culture and crafts, cooking and city tours.

The Japanese art of 'drawing out the wallet' of luxury guests

More and more tourists pay locals to take them to popular izakaya pubs.

Meanwhile, NTT Docomo launched the online travel service market with the Gaiax system.

`We want to create an opportunity for tourists to gain more knowledge from a local person, instead of meeting artisans or vendors,` said Mr. Ayumi Fujita, representative of NTT Docomo.

The service provider will negotiate the price with the system manager.

At the Vietnam Tourism Summit Forum, lessons to attract visitors and develop products will be discussed in detail.

The forum is the first national meeting, dialogue and discussion event for the tourism industry;

Follow the program and register to attend at:

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