Veterinarians are invited to join the Covid-19 fight

Veterinarians are invited to join the Covid-19 fight 4

Many hospitals are overloaded due to the large scale of the epidemic and have not yet peaked.

According to the Health Service Journal, around 150 vets are volunteering to work as `respiratory assistants` for patients in Torbay and South Devon.

`We have received many requests for help from veterinary staff with the right skills to support frontline doctors dealing with patients’ respiratory problems,` a spokesperson for the unit said.

Hampshire Hospital also posted a job advertisement for `bedside support staff` on Vet Times, looking for vets and dentists, salaries ranging from 17,000 to 42,000 eruos, higher than usual.

Doctor transfers Covid-19 patient to hospital.

`After many offers of help from skilled professionals outside the NHS, such as vets and dentists, we have created a separate post called ‘bedside support staff’ to deal with Covid

`Patient care remains the top priority and only those with the right skills and training can join the team.`

Veterinarians have been contributing to crisis management efforts in different ways.

Dr. Rachel Dean, director of research and practice at VetPartners, said some ventilators used in animals can also be used in humans, especially children.

However, there is also caution with the involvement of veterinarians.

The school’s training officer, Mr Eleanor Ferguson, also noted: `If the local NHS chooses to rely on veterinary professionals to undertake a non-statutory medical role, they will certainly be satisfied with their skills and

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