Vietnam does not have any type of sex tourism

Vietnam does not have any type of sex tourism 6

This week, the non-governmental organization ECPAT Child Protection announced an `increase` in child sex tourism in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

However, Mr. Ngo Hoai Chung, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, affirmed that Vietnam does not have any type of child sex tourism.

Mr. Chung said that with the development of the Internet, crimes against children will likely continue to increase with complex and unpredictable developments.

Crimes against children in Vietnam increase each year, among which there are signs of an increase in male victims of abuse.

Mr. Chung said that the tourism industry has the responsibility to coordinate with the authorities to widely propagate to units in the industry and organizations and individuals serving tourists to be clearly aware of the dangers and timely.

This is also one of the implementations of the Community and Socially Responsible Tourism Development Program.

Child sexual abuse is a problem in many countries around the world and ECPAT calls on governments to apply measures to protect children.

According to ECPAT, sex tourism has exploded over the past 20 years and is increasingly widespread due to cheaper travel costs.

Mr. Minh – Vy An

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