I mumbled ‘I’m a bad person’ when being scolded

I mumbled 'I'm a bad person' when being scolded 38

A 14-year-old boy jumped from the fifth floor after his mother slapped him in front of his classmates in China.

Most parents think that they have accessed a lot of modern knowledge and information about parenting methods in the new era.

– Hurry up, it’s too late!

– What are you doing so late?

– Why can’t I do such an easy task?

– What’s wrong with you?

– Why didn’t you put it in your mind after telling me so many times?

– Do you see that friend A is doing very well?

– Why are you making such a mess?

– Why don’t you know how to love your mother?

– Why are you so stubborn?

– Why don’t you know how to give in to your younger sibling after you’ve grown so much?

– Why can’t I concentrate while studying and keep playing around?

– Why don’t you study properly, wasting my money?

– Go get me a blanket and pillow…

>> Parents who keep teaching their children and yell at them

Abuse of parental rights

If you try to keep a diary, collecting unhappy words said to your child every day, you will be surprised to realize that there are unconscious words that are blurted out to your child.

Once we say it, we forget it, but children will remember it forever.

In the past, there was a period when my child, every time his mother scolded him or was criticized by his aunt, he immediately felt down, didn’t want to do anything, and always muttered: `I’m a bad kid.`

Normally, we do not treat our children very fairly.

Consider `child` as `me`

Having read this far, do any parents feel that I have been too unreasonable?

– Do you want to do something you don’t like?

– Do you like being scolded?

– When you are scolded, are you happy or sad?

– Are you happy being on errands?

– Do you have bad habits?

– Is there anything you want but haven’t been able to do?

If there are so many things you can’t do, why do you expect your child to do them all?

When you consider `your child` as `you`, you will treat your child the way you want others to treat you.

When you consider `your child` as `yourself`, you will respect your child’s feelings more, so that your child has the right to be tired, bored, sad, and quiet.

>> Someone else’s child

`Who can be sweet and bland forever?`

Reading up to this point, there will be parents who will justify that `saying is easy, doing is difficult. If you keep talking but your child doesn’t listen, then you have to scold them, but what can you do? Who can follow and encourage and be sweet with your child all day?`

Fate brought me a gift from a friend.

Apply all five of these sayings to your wife, husband, and children.

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