The sad ending of Trump – Pence

The sad ending of Trump - Pence 2

Now, in the final days of the Trump administration, each side feels betrayed by the other.

An anonymous Republican official said the Trump-Pence relationship is `quite bad right now`.

President Trump (left) and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House in March 2020.

Trump and Pence are inherently very different.

However, Pence has shown devotion to Trump.

Pence has taken on some of the administration’s highest-pressure projects, including directing the Covid-19 response.

`I think the problem with Pence is that for the last four years, he’s been a very loyal Trump supporter,` Republican consultant Alex Conant said.

In the final days of his term, that relationship `fell apart`.

This effort turns Pence into a `scapegoat` who can be blamed for Trump’s defeat if the Vice President refuses to implement the plan, AP journalist Jill Colvin commented.

When Pence, who consulted with his legal team, constitutional scholars and senators, informed Trump on the morning of January 6 that he would not join the `overturning` effort, the President

Not long after, Trump took the stage before thousands of supporters at a rally outside the White House, urging them to march to Capitol Hill and continuing to hold out false hope that Pence could change the outcome.

As Trump spoke, Pence released a letter to Congress concluding that the vice president cannot unilaterally reject the states’ electoral votes.

Not long after, a pro-Trump mob invaded Capitol Hill, disrupting the congressional meeting certifying the results.

Trump did not call to check if Pence was safe.

For Pence’s allies, it was disappointing after four years of Pence’s loyalty to Trump.

An anonymous source said Pence was disappointed that Trump did not do much to stop the violence.

It is unclear how the relationship between Trump and Pence will develop in the next two weeks.

Pence is considered a good candidate to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 election, thanks to his close relationship with Trump.

`I think it was a very courageous moment for him,` Thompson said.

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