Crystal Maiden in Hell Cave in Belize

Crystal Maiden in Hell Cave in Belize 2

After an hour’s drive from the town of San Ignacio and about 30 minutes of walking, visitors will reach the place known as the gate to the 9 levels of hell.

This area is also known as Actun Tunichil Muknal – ATM, meaning Crystal Tombs and locals consider it as Xibalba, the afterlife, in Mayan culture.

Entrance to hell cave with blue water in Belize.

According to the remaining relics, this is the territory of the god of death in Mayan culture, where the shadow court exists, under the control of Hegemon Xibalba.

When overcoming the outer layers of water, the light will gradually disappear and be replaced by a dark, quiet atmosphere inside the cave.

Human bones were scattered everywhere

Starting in this area, broken terracotta pots and jars began to appear, in which there were still traces of food and drinks that were sacrificed to the gods thousands of years ago.

According to the description of the New York Times reporters, this cave is like being haunted, it is a natural gate, and was once a place to witness the sacrifices, bloodshed and somewhat barbaric sacrifices of humans.

The deeper you go inside, the more dense and intertwined the nooks and crannies of the 9 compartments become.

According to scientists, the skeletons in the cave are not only those of people from the lower classes of society, including people with positions in ancient tribes.

Crystal Virgin

Located in the highest and deepest position of the cave is the 9th chamber – the 9th level of hell according to the concept of the ancient Mayans.

Crystal Maiden in Hell Cave in Belize

Skeleton of the crystal virgin inside the cave.

However, she had a very horrible death, all because of the barbaric sacrifice of the ancient empire.

Her death was said to be used to pacify the Mayan rain god Chac when the empire faced floods, or possibly as an offering to the gods of the underworld.

This skeleton has been given a beautiful name by researchers – Crystal Maiden, because the skeleton has been calcified and sparkles under the explorers’ lights.

Although he still regularly sacrifices objects and people to the gods, it seems that the deaths of innocent people have displeased the supreme being.

Currently, the Belize government is still quite lax in managing ancient caves.

But because there is no strict management, ordinary tourists who do not have to do research are very careless when visiting inside.

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