Giza Sphinx and mysterious puzzles

Giza Sphinx and mysterious puzzles 2

Egypt is famous and attracts tourists not only for its pyramids but also for its mythological works.

According to scientists, this is one of the largest and most ancient statues in the world.

The Great Sphinx in Giza is one of the famous tourist attractions that attracts tourists in Egypt.

However, in 2004, Vassil Dobrev, a French Egyptologist, announced that he had found new evidence that the Great Sphinx was built by Pharaoh Djedefra – Pharaoh Khafra’s brother, to commemorate his father King Khufu.

There are many legends related to the Sphinx, but the most famous is the story of an Egyptian prince named Thutmose.

To be at peace, Thutmose began to live away from home.

The wandering prince later became the next ruler of Egypt, and fulfilled his promise to the sphinx.

Besides, the Sphinx is also famous for its mysterious puzzles, which tourists are still familiar with called Puzzles of the Sphinx.

If the sphinx from the Egyptian point of view is a beast with a human head and a lion body, then in Greek mythology, this is a mascot with the body of a lion, the head of a human and the wings of a bird.

Giza Sphinx and mysterious puzzles

Sphinx in Greek legend: head of a woman, body of a lion, tail of a snake and wings of an eagle.

If the person being questioned cannot answer, the sphinx will strangle them.

Another riddle of the Sphinx, but less mentioned is `There are two sisters: one gives birth to another and the other gives birth to this one`.

Legend continues that after being asked a riddle, Nhan was so ashamed of losing that he threw himself off the stone steps and died.

Road to Giza:

Giza is the third largest city in Egypt, located on the west bank of the Nile River, about 20 km southwest of central Cairo.

Tourists from Vietnam to Giza can fly to Cairo International Airport.

There is currently no direct flight from Vietnam to Cairo, so you have to transit at some locations.

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